Last week Monday, the 27th January 2015, I was the early bird trying to catch the proverbial fat worm as I headed for our weekly meeting at the office. Getting up was more difficult than usual (post-weekend) especially after Bafana Bafana’s disappointing score against Senegal at the African Cup Of Nations (AFCON). Just how did our beloved Rantie* miss that penalty? As I entered my office opposite the boardroom, where my CEO Nawaal Mdluli was sitting with Zama Nkosi, the managing editor of Essays Of Africa magazine.

Nawaal called me into their meeting to show me Zama’s handbag. I suddenly forgot about the soccer and called my wingwoman, Tatenda, to bring the camera. Zama was clueless, but she remained calm as her smile lit up the room. As she asked what was going on, Nawaal explained our mission: “They want to know what’s in your handbag!”

Luck was on our side and Zama complied. We hit paydirt!

24 Items in Zama’s Bag



  1. Wallet
  2. Hand lotion
  3. Earphones
  4. Lipstick (x2)
  5. Nail polish (x2)
  6. Tampons (x3)
  7. Wipes
  8. Facial Tissues
  9. Multiple pens & pencils
  10. Petroleum jelly (There’s hand lotion and lipstick already)
  11. Broken earring (Why not throw it away?)
  12. Neckpiece (For a date later?)
  13. Wimpy sweet (Signs of a woman who can afford eating out)
  14. Car keys
  15. Notepad
  16. Notebook
  17. iPhone

It is a bit risky to carry nail polish in your handbag – what if the bottle breaks and spills? And just what was the petroleum jelly for?

*Tokelo Anthony Rantie is a South African footballer currently playing for the South African national team popularly known as Bafana Bafana.

About Zama Nkosi:


Zama Nkosi, Managing Editor of Essays of Africa magazine.