These five tips will help you determine if you need to tone down the make-up for your desired effect.

Too much foundation can emphasise wrinkles or crease lines, while too much eyeliner can make your eyes seem smaller than they are. There are tricks of the trade that need to be learned when applying make-up to suit your features and the occasion. If you don’t want to look like Cruella De Vil, these tips will help you determine if you’re trying too hard.

  1. People don’t recognise you

Make-up should enhance your natural beauty. When friends and family don’t recognise you anymore, you know you’ve been a bit heavy-handed. Remember the bride who was sued by her groom after he saw her without her make-up? You don’t want to be like her.

  1. Your lipstick is all over your face

Nothing ruins a beautiful smile like painted teeth! Go lighter with the lipstick or lip-gloss and be careful not to smudge it.

  1. Always retouching

Once applied, make-up shouldn’t require constant touchups. Visit the ladies’ room to powder your nose once or twice during the event.

  1. Your shirt collars are stained with makeup

Foundation stains on your collars are telltale signs that you need to apply less.

  1. Your face and neck don’t look the same colour

Need we say more? Apply evenly!