Meet Taderera Mabvudzi and Mandla Dube, who are both Uber driver-partners that have one goal in common: to move South Africa to their rhythm.

Both Mabvudzi and Dube are passionate about their music and want to take the world by storm.

Taderera Rides The Groove

Taderera Mabvudzi is a testament that dreams can come true. “Shamie“, as he is well known in the Cape Town community, is a composer, songwriter, radio host and producer. From a young age, he knew that his children would never have to worry about going to bed on an empty stomach like he did. The married father of three believes in living a life of purpose, which is why he finds time to do motivational talks to the schools in his community about the importance of living an honest life.

Music has always been a part of Taderera’s life and he was part of his school choir. Before using the Uber app, Taderera worked at a restaurant that meant long hours and no time for music. In December 2015, he started driving with Uber, giving him the flexibility to continue with his music and still earn a living. In 2017, Taderera was nominated in the Cape Town Zimbabwe Excellence Awards 2017 and has shared the stage with African phenomenal musicians, Oliver Mtukudzi and Berita.

Driving some influential riders, he’s even managed to play at their events. “Networking is essential in building a career in the entertainment industry and can assist in keeping your brand relevant as well as consistent”, says Taderera.

Mandla Rocks The Decks

Mandla Dube is a vibrant DJ who partnered as a drive with Uber in 2015, as he saw the opportunity to make money while still being able to pursue other personal interests, like DJing. Dube says, “I love that I get to see various parts of Johannesburg while taking riders to their destinations, as well as meeting new people every day with different personalities.” He also enjoys playing music and mixes for his riders.

He started playing his mixes in 2008 and prior to playing at well-known venues, he played ‘underground’ for four years, inspired by top DJ’s/businessmen like Vinni da Vinci, Christos and Oskido. He plays in SA’s largest cities and has even played in other African countries such as Botswana and Mozambique.

Taderera and Mandla are true entrepreneurs who both believe that society should not define your success. They are both determined to define success on their own terms and in their own time, while following their musical dreams.

Source and images: Uber