This year’s biggest winter drink flavour trends include many new takes on classic favourites such as chocolate, buttery popcorn and even the humble S’more.

We’re happy Chrissy Beedle, research and product development manager at Slo-Jo, decided to share some lip-smacking insights into this year’s flavour favourites.

Cheerful choc-mint delight

Chocolate is just one of those flavours that never goes out of style. This winter will see the decadent choc-mint pairing take its rightful place in the spotlight at trendy restaurants and eateries nationwide. Beedle says, “While choc-mint is often thought to be suited to a more refined palate, mint adds freshness to the flavour profile, reducing the heady sweetness in chocolate for a more balanced overall taste.” They’ve experimented with it by adding mint to ‘Chocolate Decadence’ powder and even their ‘Drizzlicious’ dark chocolate sauce, perfect on waffles and pancakes.

Tip: Mint isn’t the only flavour that teams like a dream with chocolate – chilli, orange and coconut are just some of the other delightful pairings that are sure to become popular taste sensations among chocoholics and trend-lovers this season.



Put a little popcorn on it

According to Beedle, South Africans are particularly fond of the caramel and butterscotch notes in popcorn, and enjoy the nostalgia that popcorn brings about for them. From salted caramel to good ol’ butter salt, popcorn continues to trend in 2017. The earthy, buttery-soft sweet notes in popcorn add an interesting flavour dynamic to lattes and coffees, creating the perfect ‘Hottie’ for winter menus. Beedle says, “Popcorn has been trending elsewhere in the world for the past 18 months, and winter will see the flavour get more attention from South African consumers.”

Tip: Use it as a topping on Gourmet Crushes and Freezos to enhance these well-loved classic flavours, or simply add a few squirts of popcorn syrup to White Symphony powder and top with caramel popcorn to make a delicious white-hot chocolate drink for kids. Popcorn’s potential is endless!

S’more, please

Apparently South Africans are quickly cottoning on to the American-born S’more craze that involves roasting marshmallows on an open flame and sandwiching them between two crackers or biscuits. Beedle says, “People love S’mores simply because they remind them of their childhood. It’s an oozy, gooey, sensationally sweet experience, and South Africans will likely fall in love with it for the malt undertones of the flavour, which we already enjoy in hot drinks like Milo and Horlicks.” The powder packs the flavour and nostalgia of S’mores into every sip, with roasted notes of pink and white marshmallows combined with a biscuit flavour, creating a taste sensation designed to linger on the palate.





Source and images: Slo-Jo