With holiday indulgence staring back at you in the mirror, we look at some things to consider before embarking on your annual purge…

Following a detox plan to clear your body of toxins and unhealthy substances can be effective. Most detox diets require you to avoid certain kinds of food, that you eat specific types of food, or that you just drink liquids. However, detoxing isn’t only about drinking liquids, there are other forms of detoxing, let’s take a look at different detox methods for your health, body and mind.

Lemon Water

Lemons are superfruits and have numerous health benefits. Lemon water is a good natural way to detox because it cleanses your blood steam and neutralises your system.

African Extracts Even Tone

This light, non-greasy moisturiser has Green Rooibos Extract with unique natural antioxidants and Vitamins B3, C and E for even toned radiant Skin. Green Rooibos Extract has powerful natural antioxidants to project skin and keep it feeling soft and silky smooth. Vitamin B3 helps reduce blemishes and brighten the complexion for radiant, young looking skin. Vitamin C and E helps to revitalise the skin and prevent the visible signs of premature aging. Available at Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies for R52,67.

Breathe Out for a Healthy Mind

According to Kundalini Yoga also known as Yoga of Awareness, “alternate nostril breathing not only balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, it also calms the mind, clears your energy, and increase feelings of peace and serenity.” Should you need to uplift your mind, just sit in a relaxed position with your crossed-legs on the floor or either on a chair and do the following:

Close your right nostril with your right thumb. You can rest your left hand in your lap and press the tips of your index finger and thumb together. Close your eyes and begin to breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your left nostril. Continue for two minutes. Switch sides and do the same while closing the left nostril.

Cape Kingdom Organic Detox Buchu Tea

A natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic that helps the body flush out toxins. The high levels of antioxidants and bioflavonoids relieve symptoms of poor digestion, bloating, constipation and general inflammation. Buchu also helps keep blood sugar levels stable, lowers blood pressure and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, as well as digestive system – all in a relaxing cup of tea. Available at Food Lovers Market, Wellness Warehouse and selected Pick n Pay stores for approx. R66 per box.

Images: Pixabay and Positive Dialogue