Let’s step on it! Burn it! Boost it! Sweat it! You literally get to blast your booty into shape with the introduction of BBB Step.

The exclusive Brazilian Booty Blast group exercise class was launched in 2016 and has claimed to be the most popular Planet Fitness class of the year! Now the fitness company has stepped it up by introducing Brazilian Booty Blast Step.

This high-calorie burning workout brings you choreography with a difference followed by an intense floor-based workout, and focuses on high intensity training around the lower body and core for a results-driven workout and buns of steel. It introduces the step to add intensity to the workout, elevate the heart rate even more and increase the ‘burn’ on those focus areas.








Rumour has it you will be hooked and keep going back for more: more awesome abs, more luscious legs and more booty to turns heads. From mid-August 2017, Brazilian Booty Blast Step will heat up selected Planet Fitness clubs, so get ready for that perfect booty you’ve always wanted!

Source and images: Planet Fitness