Cyclists will know that as soon as the New Year starts, it’s time to start gearing up for the numerous cycle tours across the country.

After months of training and dedication, the time to put your hard work to the test moves approaches. The biggest of the bunch is of course the world-renowned Cape Town Cycle Tour. Requiring mental focus and endurance, the race tests you on all levels, and often leaves you with sore and fatigued muscles, inflammation and muscle strains.

In addition to the right bicycle and gear, you also rely on the best products to increase your circulation, treat sore and tired muscles and prevent chafing. Wintergreen suggests incorporating three products into your event strategy, ensuring pre and post-race relief.

Before the event: Wintergreen Hot Muscle Cream

This rub is designed to activate as your body temperature rises. It strongly stimulates nerve receptors to create a very powerful heating sensation, offering relief from pain and inflammation. Available at Checkers, Clicks and Sportman’s Warehouse for R45.

Before and during the event: Wintergreen Anti-Chafe Cream

Helps prevent and relieve chafed and chapped skin, and friction-related blisters. Prepare your friction zones with this long-lasting, waterproof cream that’s infused with hygienic tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic agent. Find this cream Clicks and Checkers for R49.99.

After the event: Wintergreen Icy Arnica Gel

Struggling with sore and tired muscles after the race? This natural anti-inflammatory cream aids the recovery process with the added benefit of a cooling sensation. Sore joints and muscles feel are temporarily relieved from minor pain associated with strains, sprains and bruises. Available at Checkers and Sportman’s Warehouse for R45.

TheraNaka African Revival Gel

This is a multi-functional cooling gel containing extracts of sea minerals, Rooibos, camphor and menthol. It brings immediate relief to tired and heavy legs, poor circulation and muscle tension. Priced at R284 (250ml), visit Theranaka.

CrampEase Nite

CrampEase Nite prevents nighttime cramps before they start. Priced at R79.95 (30ml) and

R189.95 (90ml) and available at Clicks, Medi-Rite, Dischem, Pick n Pay pharmacies and leading community pharmacies nationwide.

Strictly for men

  1. FINO Soothe MAN

FINO Soothe is a unique hygienic balm made in South Africa for men (and women). It prevents ingrown hair and razor bumps, while also helping to relieve itchiness and soothe and repair tender skin after hair removal. Price at only R69.99, it is available at Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies, as well as exclusive hair and beauty salons.


Other than creams to relieve muscle pain, you also need to protect other parts of your body, such as your eyes.

  1. Police Polarised Sunglasses (POLI-S1887M-56U28P)

Priced at R2,590, buy yours at Execuspecs and Eyebar.

Images: Freebees.