Full Name: Siyasanga Hope Siphelele Ngcongca

Age: 25

Occupation: Assessor

Industry: Construction

Siyasanga Ngcongca grew up in Langa, a small township in the Western Cape, which despite its economic challenges, has produced many successful individuals in the vein of Brenda Fassie and Ringo Madlingozi. She was raised in a loving, respectful family which was grounded in culture and spirituality. Both her parents were business-oriented; her late father owned a building construction company, while her mother owned a funeral parlour,

Education was important to the family and Siyasanga completed matric at St Joseph’s, one of Cape Town’s best schools and then furthered her studies at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology where she obtained a National Diploma in Internal Auditing. Whilst studying, she worked part time as a clerk and became a financial assistant at a construction company, where she received all the necessary grooming on how a business operates. It was during this time that she realised that she wanted to steer her own ship and become her own boss.

On her birthday, 10 September in 2013, at the young age of 24, destiny came knocking unexpectedly. Without warning she was called on to leap into the unknown and explore new horizons, when she was faced with the huge task of taking over her late father’s construction company.

Her dreams of becoming an auditor were put on pause, as she soon shifted from a world where she had rocked high heels and sexy handbags, to one where safety boots and hard hats became the norm. And so Siyasanga became one of the few black women to enter the world of construction.

Although initially the thought of entering a male-dominated industry terrified her, her fears were soon allayed with the help of her mentor, Mr. Richard Arendse, Director at Inyameko Loss Adjusters, who took her under his wing and provided her with invaluable support and guidance.

Up until then, Siyasanga had only read about black women in this tough business and the challenges they were faced with, but thankfully along with her mentor, she had a great team at her side who assured her that she could make it.

It was during this time that she picked up Robin Sharma’s Discover your Destiny which helped give her a clear vision of where she wanted to be and encourage her to empower herself.

Instead of fighting the sudden 360 degree turn her life was taking, she allowed herself to go with the flow, in the direction it was heading.

Less than two years later, today Siyasanga proudly carries her late father’s legacy; she runs his company, Lamla Ngcongca Building Construction. Siyasanga believes that the pursuit of money is not her greatest priority but allowing herself to grow into a successful, well-rounded woman is what she strives for.

Siyasanga’s message to young black women:

“Once you have realised your destiny, which I am sure will find you, allow yourself to go where it is leading you. Always empower yourself and believe in yourself authentically.”

By Hlulani Masingi