On Sunday, 25th Janurary 2015 EOA’s fashion editor, Tumi Mdluli, styled a photo shoot with Phungi Baloyi and I decided to be her wing-woman on the day. Little did the lovely Mrs Baloyi know I was a woman on a mission: to delve into her handbag in search of its contents and be a Brian Baloyi groupie on behalf of my dad by taking a selfie. I did end up assisting Tumi here and there, but I remained focused on my goals. Seizing the perfect moment when Phungi was having her make-up done, I fired my question at her: “What’s in your handbag?” Always a sport and eager to play along, Phungi responded with a calm “Okay” as the make-up continued about her task and I was given free access to the handbag… a stylish Michael Kors perfectly suited to the stylish Mrs Baloyi.

As I unpacked the items one by one, I was frankly a little disappointed by what I found… the bag was clean and contained only eight items:











  1. Nail filler
  2. Nail polish
  3. Wallet
  4. Business card holder
  5. Hand Sanitiser
  6. Make-up bag
  7. Wipes
  8. Phone charger

When I told Phungi that her handbag was just as calm as she is, she replied, “It is normally packed with food! It is only clean today because it is the weekend.” I swallowed my pang of disappointment as I thought of all the sinful secrets that could have been revealed if only Tumi had chosen to shoot on a weekday. My consolation: a selfie with Brian that would make my father green with envy!


Brian Baloyi and Hlulani Masingi’s #Selfie
Phungi Baloyi is an advocate for breast cancer and also breast cancer survivor.