History has a way of repeating itself and hairstyles are no different, except that they come back with a rather banging twist!

Thina Mthembu, EOA’s features writer says, “It’s hard to believe that most of the hairstyles we see today are anything but new; our parents know them very well. The only difference is how colourful they are and the deviation from the straight cut.” She looks at retro hairstyles that have become the latest trends to hit the beauty world.


CornrowsCulturally considered to belong to black society, cornrows are worn by anyone who wants to wear them.

For cornrows with a twist, choose more complex designs rather than straight back, and try hair extensions to enhance the look.

From The Curly Perm To The Dry Curl/Perm

Curly PermThe dry curl/perm has taken over and rather than using too much hair oil, the dry curl depends mostly on heat. You will spend more time under the hairdryer, but the results are worth it.

Note: If you are going to try out this hairstyle, go to a stylist who will use a good quality holding spray. Otherwise, your hair may become stiff and break.

From The Normal Afro To The Funky Afro

Funky AfroThe thing about going for a natural hairstyle is how easy it is to manage it. There’s so much you can do with an afro, so rather than going for the ‘normal’ blown out afro, you can be on the cooler side and play around with it. We’re talking hair colouring, curling, twisting and so much more.

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