When it comes to popular South African soapies, Muvhango is sure to be on the list. It certainly complies with the formula: someone is always cheating, stealing or plotting another’s downfall.

Fans of the show ensure they catch their daily injection on SABC 2 before hitting the sheets at 9:30pm and are ready to update their friends and colleagues the next day on all the scandal that their favourite characters caused. Such is the life of the soapie addict.


thandazaThandaza – A very strong, independent businesswoman, wife and mother. She is the perfect definition of an ESSAYS WOMAN, wouldn’t you agree? Who would ever forget all the crazy drama she’s been through – from the early days when she had to fight Doobsie for Edward, or fighting KK for MH, or when she got shot by Tebogo? That woman needs to catch a break and soon, but it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards for her. If she’s not fighting her own battles, someone in the family needs her. If you think long and hard about it, Thandaza may be a shining                                                                                             example of an EOA woman but not many of us would want …………………………………………………………………..to walk in her shoes!


bazilweChief Azwindini – The drama doesn’t just end with Thandaza. If he isn’t juggling his three wives and sorting out their drama, he is carrying the weight of Thate’s problems on his shoulders. I’m sure any man would agree that pleasing one of us is hard enough, but three? This is a brave man, even though two of his wives get along like sisters. Perhaps he can share some of his tips with some of our African men out there? Or better still, ladies, let’s watch how he handles his women and perhaps we can influence our men… subtly of course!





Ranthumeng – The gentleman every woman wants. Thandaza needs to hold on tight or someone will snatch him! Tshidi tried and that is one lady with no chill!





Vusi – If you’re into a yellow bone/mama’s boy/snob… this is the guy for you. Problem is, you will have to go through his mother… remember the strong Thandaza… and you can be sure that this would-be mother-in-law will find a way to get you out of her son’s life if she doesn’t approve of you. Don’t even bother putting up a fight… you will come off second best!




Tebogo – Conniving, jealous, possessive, and so much more! Considering her current position, with having lost her baby and being ‘traumatised’ by her stay in jail, perhaps we can give her a pass. But I am still not convinced… am I the only one who thinks that our girl is just milking it now? With Tebogo, one may never know. This is one character we need to look out for!


tedMalume Themba – You don’t ever want to be on his bad side. Malume Themba is always quick to point out your wrongdoings and his children know not to mess up or act strangely when Papa is around. We all relieve that sigh of relief when he decides it’s time to go back to his cows in KZN, right?




2Thuli and Nonny – Although they started out as small characters in the soapie, the daughters of Malume Themba and Thandaza’s cousins have become two of the most notable characters now. Who can forget the day Thuli went through what no woman should go through, being left at altar by your soon-to-be husband. Many of us cried with her and some were just shocked. She seems to be doing fine now, so big ups to her! Talkative Nonny has proven that she has her sister’s back with the hot slap she gave Tshidi after the latter slapped Thuli. Don’t we all need a sister like that in our corner?

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By Thina Mthembu