Oupa John Sefoka is a multi-talented entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for his work. Famously known in the entertainment industry as DJ Sumbody, Oupa has mastered the art of deejaying and creating shared memorable experiences that keep people entertained.

His schooling career started at Sunnyside Primary School, matriculated at Bokgoni Technical High School in Atterigdeville, Pretoria where he learned the importance of investing in his brand, by doing morning taxi rounds to raise funds to buy himself vinyl’s. In 2006, he went to Tshwane University of Technology to further his studies as education was at the heart and mind of his parents. However, DJ Sumbody took the decision, without his parent’s support, to drop out of university in his second year of studies to pursue his dreams.

His persistence, commitment and drive to succeed earned him a job at one of the most influential youth community radio station in Tshwane, where he got his first break as a producer and presenter on his own show called “Mashaedi on the Engage” between 10pm-1am. This was after volunteering for 12 months, as a featured presenter on the Friday breakfast show with DJ Syco and Lee.

DJ Sumbody debuted his first house compilation disc in 2012 called “Larger Than House: Volume 1” released by 187 records distributed by Soul Candy. He completed his second house album titled “Larger Than House: Volume 2”. His incomparable talent and skill in the art of music became recognised by promoters who offered him opportunities to DJ in various events and annual events.

Knowing and believing that failure was not an option and remembering his fathers teaching, “Never divide your action, your passion is the route to your success”, DJ Sumbody never stopped striving for excellence.

Today, DJ Sumbody is the co-owner of the renowned Ayepyep Lifestyle, Jamoloto and Son Transport. Among these, he also owns SumSounds Productions.

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