Speech – Launch of EOA Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

23 October 2014

The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character:

What is your Essence? What is the essence of an African, the essays of a society, the essays of a family, the essays of an individual? What is your Essays? Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this very exciting occasion.

It is often said that our characters are formed at the age of ten. What we experience after that is the modification and the sharpening of that quality. Well today you are all here, looking absolutely gorgeous and displaying the qualities in you. Well this magazine started as a dream. After many years of soul-searching, coupled with the need to find that reservoir where I as an African woman can have a voice, listen to a voice and give a voice.

Essence of Africa is a voice for the African women. Where they will come to find those things that define their essays. The definition of what chic, class, contemporary, beauty, glamour, womanhood and progress is. A platform where women can be accepted for being who they are. Because dark or light skin, natural or relaxed hair do not define our essays, but only enhance it.

Thank you for your presence today, today is not about my team or I. It is about sharing a dream and providing that platform that many people have been yearning for. Please join me in celebrating this day and may the Essence of us as women change forever!

Essence, at its core, is pure and embraces the centre of originality… that is Africa. It feels good to be in Africa and Africa is born in me. I’m proud to be an African woman.
Journey with us! As we elevate and display the authentic African content.