Just how well do you know your friends or acquaintances? Can you tell if your friend is a little cray-cray aka a psychopath?

According to Psychology Today, psychopaths are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, even though they have captivating or charming personalities. Do you have that one friend who lets slip about their past tendencies towards suspicious or violent outbursts – or perhaps even an odd criminal act?

A psychopath is defined as one with manipulative behaviour, who easily gains the trust of others. They can go as far as lying about having families and other long-term relationships without you suspecting anything. It could be your friend, colleague, a family member, a long-term partner, or even yourself (scary thought) – but it is never easy to spot a psychopath!

We have listed a few warning signs below to help you spot a potential psychopath in your midst to protect yourself and perhaps get that person some much-needed professional help. Are they:


You cannot resist them.


You cannot say no to them.

A pathological liar? 

They lie about everything and anything, for no apparent reason.

Incapable of showing remorse?

No sympathy or empathy is shown for the next person and no regard for other people’s feelings.

Lack of self-control?

They are either annoyed, angry or feel threatened.

Show signs of parasitic behaviour?

They depend on others or behave like a bloodsucking leech for financial and personal gain.


They only engage in superficial activities such as one-night stands just to satisfy themselves.

Unable to plan for the long term?

They cannot plan ahead.

Unable to take accountability?

They cannot take responsibility for anything – even if it is obvious they did it!


They can make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe with the things they do or say.

Image: Pixabay