Love them or hate them, platforms are back and I’ve personally developed quite a fancy to the footwear style.

I picked up a gorgeous pair of platform sandals from ZARA over December 2016, which I have lovingly dubbed my ‘flatforms’.

I have received many snide comments from those who are not so fond of the trend but, frankly, I couldn’t care less. I feel fantastic in my platform sandals! We often forget that fashion is not necessarily about the taste of others; instead, it is about wearing what makes you, as an individual, feel fabulous and confident.

Platform shoes have made a slow reappearance since their initial return in 2013, when Superga released their platform sneaker collection. In the past four years, the platform style has gained wider popularity. Since the reappearance was gradual, the trend should remain in style for a significant amount of time, meaning that if platforms are your thing, it won’t be a complete waste of money to splurge on a pair.

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Images: ZANDO