Getting over an ex is not as simple as deleting his number and blocking his texts. If only you could delete all the memories that easily, right? put together a list on how to get over an ex and we think this advice is the bomb!

  1. Sleep with another man

Apparently this is a guaranteed method of forgetting about your ex. Men say sleeping with another man helps. The disadvantage of this step is that you may try and compare your new fling with your ex, which might trigger memories that leave you wanting familiarity and prompt you to call your ex-lover.

  1. Exercise your newfound freedom

When you are in a relationship you make many compromises. Now that you are single, you have the perfect opportunity to do things the way you want. You’re free. Go out with friends and get acquainted with other men. 

  1. Remember the bad times

Seemingly men idealise their significant others after a breakup; this happens to women too! You’ll find yourself minding your own business then next minute you remember those days he called you “Monkey”; it was cute and it made you smile and before you know it you’ll remember those cuddling sessions you once had. Rather think about those days he took hours to reply your text message, calls, endless fights and forget him, girl! 

  1. Hang with your friends

Friends are the first close people you sacrifice once you enter into a relationship and you give more time and attention to your partner. This is the perfect time to reconnect your girls; this is not only fun, but also much-needed therapy. 

  1. Don’t try to get your stuff back

It is impossible to have a relationship relapse if you don’t see your ex, so all the clothes and jewellery you left at his place? Consider everything gone! You can always replace them – a small price to pay compared to having your heart broken all over again.

  1. Work out

Now that you have all this free time, hit the gym. Not only is it a distraction, but it’s also healthy for your mind and body. The gym is also a perfect place to meet people. Who knows, perhaps you will meet your new knight in shining armour there?

  1. Don’t contact him

A very important step in getting over your ex, never try and contact him, especially after you’ve found closure. This means don’t try and befriend him, otherwise you will be uncertain for months if not years.

  1. Get closure

You must remember you are not taking a break, but breaking up! Ensure that you and your ex are on the same page when you break up. You need to move on and see other people.

  1. Take him off that pedestal

You need to stop acting as if he was a prince. He made mistakes – he wasn’t perfect.

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