January is known as the National Oatmeal Month, so why not kick-start your year with this basic nutritious food to counterbalance the recent festive indulgence. A bowl of warm oats has the properties to reduce cholesterol, fight diabetes₁ and supply enough energy to sustain you for the duration of the morning₂ as quoted on the Scientific American blog. In recognition of National Oatmeal Month, McDonalds brings you four fabulous facts:

  1. Oats is known for keeping you full for longer and helps curb the urge to grab a mid-morning snack. This is because the body digests and absorbs it slowly, keeping you feeling satiated, controlling your appetite and delaying hunger pangs
  2. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a healthy diet for adults includes whole grains such as oats ₃.
  3. Oats may help in maintaining healthy blood pressure and is consistent with the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) recommendations₁.
  4. Analysis of individual whole grain foods showed that oats consumption alone also reduces the onset of diabetes ₁.


Set your day right with a steaming bowl of Maple Flavoured McDonald’s Oats and “Love Your Mornings”. McDonald’s Oats contains 410 kilojoules per 100 gram ready to eat serving and has no Trans fats for a healthy on-the-go meal.




By Hlulani Masingi

SOURCE: References available from JNPR.