Dinner out isn’t the only way to celebrate your long-term commitment to your partner.

Whether you want to keep it casual or prefer to spice up the romance, these creative ideas will help you impress the special person in your life:

  1. Recreate your first date

Remember the first time you went on a date and the undeniable chemistry you both felt? Turn back the clock with a date at the same place – you can even try and recreate what you were wearing at the time for a little extra fun. 

  1. Visit a spa

If you both enjoy a good massage and some chillaxing, book a romantic couples massage or enjoy a DIY home spa session if you are skilled with your hands.

  1. Do brunch instead of dinner

The dinner setup might be overdone, so venture out for a drive and a lunch in a bright, sunny spot.

  1. Hire a chef

There’s no need to go out for dinner. Switch things up a bit and hire a chef to cook for you at your house. Dine al fresco at home!

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  1. Go on a staycation

If time doesn’t allow you to take your man on a baecation, staycations can be just as much fun. Find a hotel near by that you’ve always wanted to check out and book a room for the weekend.

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Images: Pixabay