Just like you’d wear sandals, shorts or sleeveless tops to keep cool in summer, winter also requires certain clothing items to protect you from the chill.


Keep the following in mind before heading out for the day:

  1. Dress in layers

Put on several thin layers rather than one thick item. This will provide you with better insulation and you can strip off a layer or two if there is a temperature spike.

2.     Wear boots

Check out ‘What’s New In The Boot Box?’ to help you find a pair of warm, fashionable boots.

3.     Wear winter socks

Go for socks made out of wool or sythentic fleece that’s of good quality. If one pair of socks isn’t enough, you can always layer with an extra pair.

4.     Put on a coat or jacket

Thick jackets and coats will protect you from wind and extreme temperature drops.

5.     Put on a hat, scarf and gloves

Retain body heat by covering your extremeties, especially your head and hands.

Images: Spree.