Have you ever looked at some of our local celebrities and thought that you would love to have their hairstyle or try some of their hair colour ideas?

Maybe the style seemed too complicated or you assumed it took a whole team of professionals to make them look that amazing. Today Darling Hair wants to show you a few easy everyday hairstyles inspired by our local celebrities that you can try at home…we’re talking fades, buns, braids and more!

Celebrity: Nandi Mngoma

Hairstyle: Hi-Top Fade

Who doesn’t love Nandi and her unique hairstyles? The hi-top fade was first introduced during the early 90s in the United States, where men predominantly wore the style, but Nandi wears it in a sexy and ultra-feminine way. This is a definite easy go-to style for all sisters out there that want to rock it natural, short and fierce. Visit your local barber and ask them to bless you with their sheers and hook you up with the Nandi Mngoma cut!



Celebrity: Pearl Thusi

Hairstyle: Topknot Bun

Who doesn’t long for Pearl Thusi’s thick mane of hair? If you are blessed with thick and long natural hair like Pearl, you can go ahead and create this style by putting all of your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Be sure that the ponytail isn’t too tight. Wrap the tail of the hair around the ponytail to create a bun as tight or as loose as you would like and secure with hairpins.

Add a hairpiece!

If you don’t have the natural length of hair to achieve this look, opt for attaching yaki braid or 1 million #1 extensions to your natural ponytail and wrapping around to form a chic topknot bun. This look is easy and appropriate for any occasion.

Celebrity: Minnie Dlamini

Hairstyle: Box Braids

Box braids have been around forever and they tend to be a favourite of every woman. Sitting in the salon chair with two people braiding your hair at the same time for four or more hours is a daunting task, but the outcome is always stunning. Style your box braids with a half-up, half-down look like Minnie, try a box braid bang or accessorise with a beautiful scarf.



Celebrity: Ayanda Thabethe

Hairstyle: Straight Back Cornrows

If you are a busy host, like Ayanda Thabethe, straight back braids are the way to go. Using yaki braid extensions, they are easy to maintain and you can make them as thick or thin as you like. The best part is that this easy everyday hairstyle can last you up to two months. Add a different colour synthetic braiding hair to give it a fresh and funky look.



Source and images: Darling Hair