My friend, Karabo Seloane, was recently been published under Essays Of Africa magazine’s guest blog and when he received the invitation, he asked that I be his plus one.

As his extra, he had forgotten to inform me that the event had a theme. To say I was underdressed is an understatement. The moment I entered The Shed at Steyn City, I realised that everybody had made an effort to subscribe to the specified dress code, except me that is.

Celebrating As Essays Of Africa Turns Two!This didn’t in any way make me feel like an outsider; I was just really disappointed that I hadn’t known in time. The day was blistering hot, so I was quite pleased to find out that the venue resembled an aeroplane hangar – the spacious venue with big entrances and high ceilings offered some respite from the sweltering heat.

Celebrating As Essays Of Africa Turns Two!There we were, surrounded by a myriad of beautiful things, from the furniture décor by Zanenza, to the delicacies from KST Cakes and Sasko, the showroom set up by Cedar Aisle BMW and, of course, the gorgeously dressed guests who seemed to have gone all out in translating the Afro Theme the best way they could.

I was very impressed and I loved being around so many women, who seemed thrilled to be there. Sometimes society conveys the belief that women exist for the pleasure of others, and that what she wears or how she chooses to behave should be purely for the satisfaction of men. I was truly appreciative of a celebration by women, for women and of women.

Celebrating As Essays Of Africa Turns Two!It was delightful to see women attend the event in their ultimate bests for themselves, and make many new connections as they mingled effortlessly. This totally voided the stereotypical notion that women cannot have fun by themselves. In fact, when the programme came to an end after the vintage fashion show by Vinti Queen, all that was left to do was to let loose, dance and enjoy ourselves – and that is exactly what happened.

Celebrating As Essays Of Africa Turns Two!I felt privileged to observe and to be part of that kind of vibe, and I’ll always reference the event when I talk about womanhood and all the great things that women stand for. I believe that, because Kwenta Media is a 100-percent female-owned business, it held special significance for our hosts to see us come together as seamlessly as we did.

Images: Marx Written Makhado.