Monday, December 17, 2018

Beauty Videos

Beauty Videos

Hairstyles To Grow Your Natural Hair

Trying to grow your natural hair? Here are four hairstyles and tips that can help you do just that without damaging or breaking your...
Morning Skincare Routinevideo

Morning Skincare Routine

A girl can never have enough tips on how to take care of her skin in the morning. Watch Aly Jae to learn some...

Workout Routine For Your Abs

If you’re one of many women who complain of an unwanted pooch or a bulgy lower tummy, this exercise routine by Brick Built Apparel...

Do You Want Bigger Looking Eyes?

There’s no need to go under the knife! A simple make-up trick can make your eyes pop! The trick lies in winged liner and lashes....

How To Maintain A Naturally Glowing Skin

You don’t always need new products or treatments, or change your skincare routine for a radiant skin. Sometimes it just takes a little DIY…...

10 Ways To Remove Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. This tutorial shows you 10 ways to remove these pesky confidence killers…
Top 30 Natural Hair Black Women of 2016video

Top 30 Natural Hair Black Women of 2016

It is not every day we come across a video showcasing the most beautiful black women in the world, so we’re more than happy...

Flat Twist Tutorial

Similar to cornrows, flat twists offer great protection for your hair. The Curley Closet shows us how to achieve this simple look.
What You Need To Know About 24-Hour Make-Upvideo

What You Need To Know About 24-Hour Make-Up

Does 24-hour make-up really last for 24 hours? Also, is it safe for our skin? Jackie Aina committed the cardinal sin by putting this...

How To Retain Long Hair

Maintaining lengthy natural hair can be difficult. These four protective hairstyles will retain length and health after styling.