Friday, October 18, 2019

Beauty Videos

Beauty Videos
Dye By The Locsvideo

Dye By The Locs

Coloured locs look awesome, but we all how getting the look can be tricky and messy.  If you’ve dealt with hair dye before, you know...

Foundation Hacks For The Make-up Fanatic

There are foundation hacks to help you get the perfect coverage. Whether it’s concealing uneven skin or enhancing your flawless skin, Mihlani N shows us...

Bang Your Weave

Weave wearers who want to try out bangs but don’t know where to start, will find this tutorial particularly helpful – especially if you’re...

Top 7 Natural Hair Hacks

These hacks will reduce the amount of bad hair days you have with your natural crown.

Red Lips And Dark Skin

Ignore those who told you that you couldn’t wear a red lipstick just because your skin is black and start stocking up your beauty...

Get Your ‘No Make-Up’ Look

Have you ever wondered how some women’s skins look so natural, as if they don’t have any make-up on? It’s a skill you need...

Do You Want Bigger Looking Eyes?

There’s no need to go under the knife! A simple make-up trick can make your eyes pop! The trick lies in winged liner and lashes....
Seven Weird Beauty Tricks That Workvideo

Seven Weird Beauty Tricks That Work

There are tons of beauty hacks out there, but this video rounds up a few that you might have not thought of that actually...

Less Ash, More Flash!

It’s pretty simple, ladies; if your moisturisation isn’t up to scratch then your skin is most likely to turn ashy! Watch how you can...

10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Applying make-up should never feel like a chore. Whether you’re pressed for time or simply prefer not to make a fuss, these 10 beauty...