You don’t really have to visit a beauty spa for a full body exfioliation. Getting rid of dead skin can be as simple as taking a shower and using one of ways following exfoliators.

  1. Dry body brushing

This is one of the most effective ways to exfoliate your body that doesn’t require products, which means less mess. Also, if you’re prone to cellulite, poor circulation and ingrown hairs, this exfoliation type is ideal.

  1. Shower gels that contain exfoliating beads

Use a shower gel that contains exfoliating beads as part of your daily routine. Apply a generous amount of lotion after your shower, as they might leave your skin feeling a bit dry.

  1. Sugar or salt scrubs

A time-honoured exfoliation staple, the scrub helps smoothe your skin and also gets rid of small lumps and bumps.

Images: Pixabay