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What is Essays Of Africa?

Essays Of Africa is a glossy lifestyle magazine that highlights the woman’s journey from being a girl to embracing womanhood. It seeks to understand the internal and external factors that influence this woman’s Cycle of life. It challenges her Character as she Cares enough to Connect and have a Conversation with herself to effect Change where it is needed.

Essays Of Africa is the black woman’s voice of hope, source of pride, beacon of joy, and serves as a constant reminder that she is important. This magazine celebrates every facet of being a black woman, whether it is the rich colour of her skin or the authenticity of her spirit. It will remind her of the dreams she dares to dream and the vision to make those dreams a reality through hard work and perseverance.

Essays, at its core, is pure and embraces the centre of originality… that is Africa.

Essays Of Africa speaks to the woman who:

Embraces change                 Cares and nurtures

Sees beauty in everything    Appreciates and shows gratitude

Reads and explores              Represents and respects

Excels and exhales               Educates and empowers

Lives and loves                     Prays and dreams

Laughs and cries                  Feeds the body, mind and soul

Fights a good fight               Preserves culture

Embraces diversity               Is fearless and selfless

Is passionate, classy and stylish

She Cares… Connects… Converses

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